#Demi4Fabletics is a campaign to promote Fabletics and specifically her line she collaborated with the brand. The line promotes inner- strength correlating with the athletic brand’s cause: training to get stronger.

When reflecting on Demi’s past experiences and how she has become a strong advocate, it makes sense the company Fabletics chose Demi to represent this line. Demi has come out about facing eating disorders, mental illness, and addiction. While she has gone through these struggles and still faces them today, she has come out on the other side every time stronger than before. Fabletics saw Demi as a strong person and a role model, yet a celebrity who is relatable to the public. She is not afraid to be seen as a flawed real person.

Demi Lovato grew up a child star known for her roles in Disney’s Sonny with a Chance, Camp Rock, Princess Protection Program, and other projects. She has been since pursuing a career in music since two of her most recent songs being I Love Me and I’m Ready. On Spotify two of her most popular songs have over 700 million listens and with her 84.8 million Instagram followers one of her Fabletics posts has received over 200 million likes.

Demi is a great fit for the brand as the company’s mission is to create clothing that inspires people to stay active and embrace their mantra “Live Your Passion” every day. As Demi advocates for the causes she feels passionate about and tells her truth through her music, I believe she represents the mantra well. She also embodies the idea of inner strength in conquering her demons.

When it comes to analyzing key performance indicators and measuring her success they will likely be looking closest at engagement and return on investment. It is probable the brand will be keeping an eye on how the audience interacts with her posts promoting her line to see if her audience is as engaged in comparison to her other posts. Additionally, the company will look at the return on investment in both the line itself compared to their other merchandise as well as how her posts do.

In sum, I believe it was wise for Fabletics to partner with Demi for this collection. Her values align with both her line and the company as a whole. Demi also has great reach in terms of fans who listen to her music and follow her on social media. Demi is an advocate and now she not only does so for her beliefs but for a company she believes in.

BFA dance major and mass communications minor at the University of Florida.