#Demi4Fabletics is a campaign to promote Fabletics and specifically her line she collaborated with the brand. The line promotes inner- strength correlating with the athletic brand’s cause: training to get stronger.

When reflecting on Demi’s past experiences and how she has become a strong advocate, it makes sense the company…

During Covid-19 most companies are trying to give back to the community and support those who are struggling. Lush is supporting the community by trying to help people abide by health guidelines. To do this Lush is donating scent-free soap and other products for those working in the frontlines. …

My response to Mashable’s article: “How Universal Basic Income changes the future”.

Due to COVID-19, we can start to see the beginnings of the acceptance for Universal Basic Income. With the rise of unemployment rates projected up to 17% from the previous 50-year low of 3.5% back in December, the…

Taylor Myers

BFA dance major and mass communications minor at the University of Florida.

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